Trademark Services

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Word  Search Packages


PACKAGE 2™: $345

Federal and State Trademark Office, Company Name, and In-House common law plus internet domain names (The most frequently requested search).

  • 24 Hour Rush®: $430
  • 4 Hour Super Rush®: $605


PACKAGE 1™ plus a Corporate Name Search

  • 24 Hour Rush®: $725
  • 4 Hour Super Rush®: $1015

PACKAGE 1™: $425

Federal and State Trademark Office, Company Name, In-House and Enhanced Common Law® and Internet Domain Name.

  • 24 Hour Rush®: $530
  • 4 Hour Super Rush®: $745

PACKAGE 3™: $225

Federal and State Trademark Office

  • 24 Hour Rush®: $310
  • 4 Hour Super Rush®: $430

PACKAGE 4™: $185

In-House and Company Name Common Law

  • 24 Hour Rush®: $235
  • 4 Hour Super Rush®: $325

Individual Searches

Federal Trademark Office: $185

Word only, searches registered, pending and recently abandoned files; combines a manual search of the official PTO library with a computerized search of databases created from these records.

Design Search: $240*

* Per International Trademark Class

State Trademark: $185

Word, letter or numeral registrations in all fifty states plus Puerto Rico.

In-House Common Law: $150

Searches our library of over 6500 trade journals, industrial indexes and major city telephone white pages.

Company Name: $150

Electronic database search of over 20 million company names.

Corporate Name: $200

Searches the corporate records of the Secretaries of State in all 50 States plus the District of Columbia. Also, includes partnership names in 30 states.

Descriptiveness Search or Enhanced Common Law®: $220

Scans over 2500 databases including full texts of articles found in major newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and internet domain names, etc. Search can show descriptiveness, or can be used as an excellent enhancement to a common law search.

Copyright Search: $195

Searches Library of Congress records of all titles, authors and claimants for all recorded works. Identifies all renewals and assignments. Includes an index of all performers listed on recorded musical works.

Title Search: $515

Searches all U.S. Copyright Office records, Federal and State trademarks, entertainment common law sources and internet domain names.

Annual Trademark Maintenance: $510

Combines a monthly watch of USPTO data and our in-house replication of newly filed drawing pages with data accuracy verification monitoring to verify marks are properly indexed in USPTO databases, and advises when potentially infringing applications are filed.

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB): $165

Searches TTB records of approved alcoholic beverages.

Company Intelligence Search: $265

Checks the PTO and database records to detect any past litigation and provides detailed financial information, when available.

Update Name Search: $70

Update the results of a recent Trademark Office Search.

Update Design Search: $190

* Per International Trademark Class

Internet Domain Search: $105

Searches the internet to identify domain names or companies that have established a web site or domain.

International Domain name Searches: Call for Pricing

Patent Search: $580 (minimum – plus copy costs)

Other Services

Document Preparation (For Attorneys Only)


Document Procurement

  • Trademark Application Delivery: $56
  • Trademark File Wrapper (Min.): $95
  • Trademark File Wrapper (TTAB) (Min.): $150
  • Trademark Opposition Files (Min.): $120
  • Patent File Wrapper (Min.): $150
  • Patent Copy: $30
  • Trademark Copy: $30

E-Mail Delivery: $25

Search reports, documents or files are converted to “.pdf” format then sent via e-mail. Requires Adobe® Acrobat ® Reader.
Note: Large files or searches in excess of 150 pages may incur an additional e-mail fee.

Most searches are completed and a verbal report rendered within 48 hours. A Rush® service, which renders the verbal report within 24 hours, is available for an extra 25% of the base fee. A Super Rush® service yields a 4 hour turnaround for an extra 75% of the base fee.

* Unusual requests which generate an inordinate number of citations may be assessed additional charges for photocopies or postage. Special handling through use of Federal Express, UPS, DHL may result in additional costs. Domestic facsimile transmissions are charged at $3 per page.

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